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Don’t Run Out of Space for Your Party, Learn How to design an Indoor/Outdoor Space

May 11, 2018 8:49 pm

Indoor-Outdoor living is a huge trend lately. Imagine: you’re in your living room, while enjoying the beauty of nature at the same time. Your house can be as indoor or outdoor as you want. There are a lot of reasons this style is trending. Check out some of these reasons to implement an indoor/outdoor design, as well as the different ways you can design it. Whether you’re building a new home, or remodeling your current home, you don’t want to ignore this trend.

It’s Functional

If you’re a “form follows function” type of person, you’ll be happy to know there’s a lot of functionality in indoor/outdoor design. If you’ve got an outdoor dining table, a comfortable seating area, and – if you’ve got room for it – a place to unwind makes your whole property multi-purpose.  Go from lazing around in your outdoor lounge during the afternoon straight to hosting a barbecue that night.

Pro Tip: If you’re operating on smaller space, you can use versatile furniture like stools, that have multiple uses. With your stools, you’ve got seating and side tables in one item. If you’re on extremely limited space, you can use folding chairs and tables, and store them away when they’re not in use.


If you care about design, you already know every room needs a feature piece. You use feature pieces to set the feel of your rooms, and start conversations. If you’re doing an indoor/outdoor home design, you have so many more options. Relax in your sanctuary with a water feature, or spend time with your loved ones in an intimate room, underneath a gorgeous chandelier. You can even enjoy the evening air in your outdoor kitchen.

There are so Many More Choices for Greenery

Plants are so important to home design. If you choose the right plant, you’ll add the feeling of the outdoors inside your home, even if you’re going with a traditional design. Plants give rooms life and color as well. If you’re working with a small area, you can go for potted plants or vertical gardens to save space. These options work just fine when they’re in proportion to the room. However, if you’ve got enough space, heavy foliage options really bring the feel of outdoors home.

So Much Fun with Decorations

With the indoor/outdoor theme, you get to have so much fun with your decorations. You can do paper lanterns, candles, fairy lights, you’ve got décor options from both inside and outside to choose from. Maybe you want to make a little fairy village as the feature piece in your outdoor living room. Or faithfully recreate the lanterns from Tangled. Your options are truly endless when you go for an indoor/outdoor theme.


Have you already built your indoor/outdoor home? Do you have amazing pictures of your designs you’d like to share with the world? Post them to the Chetty Builders Facebook page, and they’ll tell you what they think. If you’re still planning the remodel or build of your home, Chetty Builders has the experience to see your vision to completion. Whether you’re looking for something cutting edge like the indoor/outdoor design, or something more traditional, Chetty Builders has you covered. Call (610) 444-8880 or visit the website to see what Chetty Builders can do for you.

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