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What’s that Formal Dining Room for Anyway? Do You Need One?

January 6, 2018 2:14 am

custom built homeYou probably have a lot of memories in your grandparents’ house, eating in their formal dining room. You might have even eaten on fine china, stored in its own little cupboard. Many people these days find formal dining rooms to be a waste of space, or an unnecessary luxury. However, you can still find good reasons to include one, in addition to reasons not to. You should talk to your home builder about formal dining rooms, if you’re considering a custom built home.

Including a Formal Dining Room in Your Custom Built Home Means Peaceful Meals

If you have a separate room for eating, that doesn’t have any screens or speakers, you’ll enjoy peaceful meal times. We’ve become so used to digital noises and pictures, we don’t even notice them anymore. You’ll enjoy space without noise.

Family Dynamics Have Changed, Making the Formal Dining Room Outdated

If your family, like so many others, sees meal time, including preparation, as social activities, you won’t like a formal dining room. With everyone gathering in the kitchen to prepare meals, it’s more enjoyable to keep your dining room near the kitchen. In this way, the formal dining room isn’t just outdated, it’s undesirable in your new custom built home.

The Formal Dining Room Offers Another Room to Show Off Style

If you’re building a custom built home, you’re probably going to use bold touches. If you add a formal dining room to your custom built home, you’ve got yet another room to show off your style. You can place fine art on the walls, and dramatic statement pieces on the table. Simply because it’s a formal dining room, everything looks and seems fancier.

Meal Time Can Feel Lonely, Though

If your family is very busy, you may not be able to all gather for meals at the same time. If you’re in that situation, you won’t want to eat in a formal dining room all by yourself. That’s to say nothing of how frustrated you’ll be every time you must run back to the kitchen because you’ve forgotten something.

You Can Host Impressive Dinner Parties

Because of shows like MKR, supper clubs and dinner parties are making a revival. You’ll be happy to have a formal dining room if you’re hosting elegant dinner parties. If you’ve ever been to an elegant dinner party, you know that this room is a necessity. Have your home builder separate your formal dining room with a door, and you won’t have to worry about anyone interrupting your dinner party either.

An Unused Formal Dining Room Still Must Be Decorated and Cleaned

Even if you’re not using your formal dining room, you’re still going to have to decorate it. And unless you’re on Pinterest full time, you’re going to run out of design schemes and ideas for your room. Beyond that, dust doesn’t care if you use your room or not, and you’re still going to have to keep it clean. If you’re not using your formal dining room often enough, this becomes a lot of work for nothing.


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