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Why Chetty Builders?

Maurice Raupp and Emily PK172If you’re shopping for homes in eastern PA or the Dover, DE area, you have a lot of properties to choose from. In addition to the large stock of existing houses in the area, there are many large and small custom home builders working in the area. When it comes time to select a new home builder, smart consumers choose Chetty Builders to construct their dream homes. Here’s why:

Faster Delivery

Chetty new home builders are well known in eastern PA and northern DE for the quality of their homes. When you’re shopping for new homes in Delaware, or new homes in Chester County Pennsylvania, quality is only half the battle. Most prospective homeowners need reliable delivery dates for their dream house. Chetty Builders delivers.

Chetty Builders specializes in quick delivery homes. They develop entire neighborhoods instead of one house at a time like many new home builders. That means you can choose from any number of house lots and plans without increasing the time you’ll have to wait before moving in. Chetty Builders will customize your home to suit your lifestyle and your budget. However, customization doesn’t mean starting from scratch with plans and permits.

Chetty Builders get plans and permits in place early, so you don’t have to wait before you dream home breaks ground. Underground services and other neighborhood amenities are in place all at once. That saves time, and means you’ll be able to move in quicker. That’s the Chetty advantage.

Higher Quality Materials

Chetty Builders works hard to get new housing developments completed fast. What they don’t do is cut corners. Chetty uses the most up to date materials and methods to construct their homes. When you purchase new construction homes from Chetty, you know they’re built by crafstmen who care about the quality of their work, and the quality of the materials that go into it.

High quality materials mean more than just a beautiful house. Using the best materials means your house will last and last. Chetty new build homes require less maintenance and upkeep than homes from competing tract house builders.

New Home Builders Who Care

Chetty Builders maintains their high standard of quality with continuity. They employ dedicated workers who stick with them for the long haul. That means that all the employees and subcontractors are familiar with the plans and practices that produce a great finished product. That guarantees efficiency and higher quality. It also avoids production slowdowns.

Nicer Neighborhoods

Chetty Builders doesn’t just build houses. They develop whole communities. That means that you can rely on the quality of all the houses that surround your new built home. That’s a great way to guarantee the value of your house in the decades ahead. It’s also great for young families. Your neighborhood will have a friendly quality that can’t be matched by purchasing an older home in a randomly chosen neighborhood.

See What Chetty Can Do for You

Visit the Chetty Builders online portfolio to see lots of pictures of their new construction homes. The high quality of the materials and workmanship is easy to see. Then contact Chetty to find out how easy and affordable it can be to build the home of your dreams.

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“All throughout the home-buying experience Chetty’s realty expert was flexible and accommodating to our timeline and needs, and found ways to make our home-to-be even more affordable. In all, we expect to be here for quite a long time. We have finally found a home to grow old in!” Ben and Jess Mountz
“The house is beautiful and we greatly appreciate your attention to detail as well as the personal attention you gave us. It really turned out to be a rewarding experience for us and we will certainly recommend your product to anyone we know in the market.” Heather Crowell
“Carl Chetty is an excellent builder and personally monitored the progress of our house construction by being at the site every day early in the morning. Carl and his staff’s attention to detail and focus on getting things done right is incredible.” Saleem Shaik
“We were thrilled when we finally walked into our new Chetty Builders home! We love the design and open sense of space that our Alexander model home affords us, and the construction is solid, with attention to detail. It almost makes us never want to leave!”
Ben and Jess Mountz
“We looked at many other homes from several different builders prior to selecting our floorplan with Chetty. We really feel that our home compares favorably with other new constructions in the area that were priced considerably higher than ours. Overall, we thought we got great value in addition to getting great quality.” Nate TenHuisen
“We have lived in our new home for over 9 months now and over all we are extremely happy with Chetty Builders and would highly recommend them.”
Saleem Shaik
“Please know how helpful Chris and Ron were. You really have a great team that puts out a great product.” Heather Crowell
“In comparison to what else is out there in new construction, I am most impressed with the quality of home delivered by Chetty Builders. Not only are the materials used by Carl Chetty top notch, but the overall process of buying our home was as enjoyable and stress-free as we see possible.”
Peter Lustgarten